WiFi to RS232 – NodeMCU

I attend to use RS232 a lot for connecting to devices such as a Pogo Plug, DVRs and anything that has RS232 to see what I can manipulate.

Thing is there are a few items I want to continue to connect to. Modern computers don’t really have a Serial port these days and you have to end up using USB to TTL/RS232 adapters. Well I was cruising around the Google Play Store and saw a few apps “WiFi to RS232 Terminal” and thought hhmm, you can do that? Sure enough they have devices on the market but cost $50.00 or more. I then saw ESP based modules that can easily do the same thing. I don’t have any ESP8266 modules but I have a couple of NodeMCU modules and that is supported as well.

Firmware Howto
Hardware Guide

I am very much going to give this a try.


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