eBay deal gone wrong.

I’ve been in the market for a Signal/Function Generator for a few years. I was surfing around and came across a pair of Wavetek Model 20 2MHz Function Generators. It was five minutes away from ending and only three other bids were previously there so I submitted a bid and won.

Took a week to get here and opened up the box. Very crappy packaging with the bottom one damaged. Opened up the non-damaged one to take a gander and then power it up. Powers on but nothing comes up on the Scope for a signal and even tried connecting a speaker and went through all of the ranges and nothing. I even tried the Damaged one and same deal.

Tried to contact the eBay Seller and no reply, looked on his profile and in big bold letters “new management, new policy, your satisfaction is our goal”. Looked at the ranking and out of a thousand there are 64 in the past year with negative feedback. Most of it about paying and never receiving their item. Guess I am one of the lucky ones but never got a reply after three messages I had no choice to leave a Negative Feedback. So now I have two paper weights.

However not all is lost. I only paid half of the trending price on eBay. One alone goes for almost a hundred bucks and I got two for $50.00. I also was able to download the Service manual so I can attempt to fix at least one of them.

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