Home AV rebuild

The wife finally caved in and is letting me setup the Living room head-end equipment the way I want it.

The idea when we moved in was to install all of the Audio/Video equipment in a closet and we would just have a TV hanging on the wall and probably the Sub Woofer exposed. Some 6.5 inch in ceiling speakers for the 7 speakers.

The kids for some stupid reason keeps switching out their PS4s in the Living room and have screwed up my cabling and when the Wife saw she freaked out. I told her “should of went to my plan” then I went and yelled at the kids for screwing up my stuff.

So now I got permission from the Misses to put the equipment in the closet. Currently I am stuck working the weekends but when I get some free time I will start with the basics such as adding a power outlet and conduit for the low voltage stuff.

Down the road if I can get some side gigs I can use it to fund the Speakers, IR repeater and a few other odds and ends.

The only part I am not looking forward to is patching some drywall in the Living room. I might have to pay someone to blend the knockdown finish on the drywall because I know I’ll fail on that part. I would really hate to have blank plates on that area. Although I could drop a HDMI at that spot so the kids could hook up their PS4 there and not have to worry about them messing up my cabling again.

I will document the heck out of this and such. This will be a somewhat long term project.


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