Limit Unwanted Network Connections

I’m slowly putting together a Network Administration suite for the Raspberry Pi. Came across a little jewel called Evil Limiter. It’s a Python 3 Script that can do a ARP scan of a Network and give you a IP Address on the Network that you know shouldn’t be there or you have a User sucking up too much Bandwidth. So instead of Deauthing the user you can Throttle or even Block the User. For a example you can Limit a User to 100Kbit/sec or even totally block them.

This could be handy for enforcing say the Kids Internet usage during the Spring/Summer Break or even at work when Steve should be working on a report but is too busy watching Netflix or YouTube.

Now this tool is considered a DoS (Denial of Service) Attack so be careful how you use it and deploy it.


Building a Z80 Computer

Every hardcore Electronics Engineer and Computer Nerd has a bucket list and there is a Homebrew Retro Computer on that list. I could cheat and buy a RC2014 kit but building it from total scratch is even better.

Now you just don’t order/buy/find the parts and slap it all together. You have to study up on the subject. There is a PDF floating around called “Build your own Z80 Computer” by Steve Ciarcia. Then you have Grant Searle’s Website that is loaded with tons of Schematics and ideas for a minimal chip count Z80 running BASIC and CP/M.

To start off the build I am going to build a curd version of the Zeta256 and branch off of that by adding memory, UART, ROM and so forth.

Kids Computers Gone Wrong

Well out of nowhere both systems crashed. Also found out something upsetting as well. Pop!_OS is nothing more then Ubuntu 18.04. So now I am installing Solus Linux on their machines. I know Solus will handle nVidia hardware and Steam just fine. Glad I didn’t bother installing Pop!_OS on my daily driver.

Old School Terminal (Mulligan) Part6 Finish

So I got the base system up and running today.

After loading up Raspbian for the first time the Text is way too small to read so first was changing the Resolution to 480×320. I edited the config.txt file in the /BOOT directory and disabled Overscan and enabled a few things



Rebooted and got a readable display and ran the RASPI-CONFIG command and corrected the SD card size and Locals. Got the WiFi working then set my sights getting the Bluetooth keyboard working.

agent on
scan on

Now I am fighting issues with APT working right. I’m trying to use the sudo apt upgrade –fix-missing command and it will take a good while for it to finish. After that I can start on the expansion pack.

Kids Computers Complete

Friday night I finished up their Computers and put them in their Bed Rooms. Both are running Pop!_OS and have Steam installed. The youngest Boy played CS:GO all day yesterday but I have no idea what my Daughter played. I offered her to use my Steam account because I know of a couple of games she had me buy for her is on my account but she wanted her own account.
In all they are both happy.

While I was at it I slapped 16GB of RAM into my Wife’s PC. Since her PC had 8GB I thought I would put that memory into the pfSense Box but I found out that has DDR2. However I was able to find two sticks of DDR2 2GB each for the pfSense Box. Next payday I plan to buy a new CPU and 8GB of RAM for the pfSense box, Max out that Dell Vostro 220s while parts are cheap. Since I had the pfSense box taken apart I updated the BIOS so when I get the new parts it would be plug and play.

Speaking of the pfSense Box, my oldest son thought he found a loop hole. I throttled the Kids internet speed because they were constantly almost hitting the bandwidth cap of 1TB. Well in the Living Room my PS4 isn’t on the vLAN that is throttled and is hardwired rather then WiFi. My Son thought if he unplugged my PS4 and hooked his up on that Ethernet cable he would get full speed. He was wrong and he kinda crippled the whole Network for a few hours. Some how he managed to unplug the Home Phone and plugged it into the LAN port on the Modem. So I fixed that and DoS his PS4 for the weekend.

It’s cramped in here

Last Sunday I ended up with a lot more furniture then I hoped for. Since the Wife works for a consignment shop we decided to give pieces we don’t want or need. So in a few days I’ll regain space and I can set things up.

I also have my Kids new Desktops sitting here taking up what little space I have. For some reason Windows 10 doesn’t want to play nice with either system so I am converting the Kids to use Linux. Since they plan to play Games with these systems I installed Pop!_OS on them along with Steam. Maybe I can talk them into playing CS:GO or play DUSK in a Deathmatch with me.

Busy Weekend

Going to finish up a huge install Saturday so I can fund the A/C for the Garage and on Sunday I am going to pickup some furniture for the Garage as well. Currently the Garage is a total mess so today after work I will be cleaning the Garage mostly to make room for the Furniture.

I’m getting two couches but will probably ending up keeping one because I know the Wife will seem them and will want them in the Living Room. There is other Furniture but most of it will go into other Rooms of the House.

My Main Desktop is acting up. Ran into a few issues with Debian’s stock Kernel and I tried compiling a new Kernel and broken the apt package manager. A friend had the same issues and suggested to use Pop!_OS that has much better AMD support because it is uses Kernel 5.x instead of the older Kernel 4.19 that is indeed broken for AMD graphics.

Next time I jump on here I might include pictures of the Garage.

Acer Aspire XC-603G

I was given a Acer Aspire XC-603G. It’s one of those mini budget machines that was popular in 2014/2015. The Specs are not that bad, It’s got a Quad core Celeron J1900 at 2GHz. I popped in 8GB of RAM, WiFi, DVD Burner and a Hard Drive since it was just the Case, Motherboard and Power Supply when I got it. I might add a 120mm fan to the Grill on the Case Panel for extra cooling.

I am debating on what to use it for. It will run Linux for sure, might give Arch or Void Linux a try. Or I could give FreeBSD another try. If it had a PCI Express slot I would toss in additional NIC and use it to replace my current pfSense box. Or even toss in a RAID card and run FreeNAS. But since it doesn’t have any thing to expand with and I maxed out the system I don’t have much use for it. Maybe a I can just put it in the Bedroom and connect it to the TV since it has a HDMI output.

If anyone has any awesome ideas let me know.

Old School Terminal (Mulligan) Part5 Got somewhere

New Power Supply came in and rewired the whole thing and it works now.

I added a Reed Switch to change the Video Output so I can switch between RCA and HDMI. The six inch HDMI cable I got is too short. I should of went with a whole foot long cable. I might just get a Couplet for the HDMI and add another six inch HDMI.

I need to write a MicroSD card and configure it to use the Bluetooth Keyboard and Memory Card Reader. Kinda tempted to redo the Rear Panel to add a Ethernet Jack, RCA In, VGA In and the variable Power Supply Output. I might put the Variable Power Supply in the expansion module.

I haven’t cleaned things up yet. It’s still in the prototype phase.