Network breach

I thought I had my Network locked down tighter then a Virgin wearing a chastity belt. Well my Step Son broke through.

In the Garage I have an old Linksys with DD-WRT flashed on it. I use it as a secondary Router and to bring WiFi into the Garage. I also use it so the Ring Door Bell has a connection.

Some how my son was able to figure out the WiFi key. This only let his Phone to connect then from there he tethered his phone to his PS4 to download all both Borderland games and DLC. I popped into his room and say he was downloading 33GB worth of data and he said he was using his Hotspot on his phone. I decided to look at the pfSense Router logs and it showed had used 72.5GB for today, that address was for the Linksys. I thought that wasn’t right so I looked at the DHCP lease list on the Linksys and sure enough his phone and his Wife’s phone were connected.

I fixed this by creating a MAC Filter list with permissions to only allow the MAC List to have access.

So now to get anything else added to the WiFi I have to enter the MAC Address. I had this already setup on the pfSense box but I thought with the current setup I had for the Linksys that I didn’t need it, I guessed wrong on that one.


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