Old School Terminal Part 3 (Keyboard)

Been racking my brain with this one. I know in the custom Mechanical Keyboard world everyone is using Teensy 2.0 Microcontroller and a custom Firmware called QMK. However this makes the end result a USB Keyboard and I need PS/2.

However I found a company that makes programmable Keyboard Controller ICs that is PS\2 compatible. The SK5126 looks like a good candidate. To be on the safe side I sent them an Email about the IC package type and would it work like a typical keyboard without any need of special drivers since it is kinda vague on those details.

I’ll update this page when I get the details.


I got a reply and the Sales guy said it would work for my application. The Package type is a QFN but they offer a Sample board. It doesn’t require any special software or drivers to use it after Programming so I guess I’ll order one on Payday.


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