My thoughts on BitCoin

We all know what BitCoin is. You know people out there that have spent a crap load of money on Devices for “Mining BitCoins”. The more systems Mining the harder it is to get any BitCoins and so forth. Use to not worth spit and I honestly had around 50 BitCoins in the beginning and spent them knowing it was only a fad and would be as worthless as Pogs. I think at the time a BitCoin was worth $2.00.

Well to my dismay the BitCoin was worth a truck load of cash like what last year? Now a single BitCoin now worth’s $3,894.67. All of these Farms are loosing money because it costs them about more to run the Farm then it is to make Money from it.

Typical Mining Rig Stats.


Once again proving it in my mind set it’s only a Fad. I’m no economist or anything like that but when you have a currency that is worth more then the currency is in your own country and can be had by running a computer like device 24/7 then everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon and play. It’s like playing the Lotto and Drinking Slimfast.

Kinda feels like the Job Market a bit. A trade is in dire need and a bandwagon starts, now a trade that use to pay $20.00 an hour now only pays out around $12.00 an hour. Reason why I’m not in IT anymore, got bloated and the money wasn’t good anymore. Last IT job I tried out for wanted to pay me minium wage, strange hours and using my own car.

Anyway, BitCoin Mining isn’t worth it. It’s up there with SETI@home.


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