Old yet new to me Tool

I won an auction on eBay the other day. The item I got is an Systron Donner Digital Multimeter Model 7004. The awesome thing about it in my opinion is the Digital Display is Nixie Tubes.

Bottom Left on shelf.

Shockingly it was dirt cheap, with shipping it was around $40.00. The only issue with it was it was missing the Power Cable. It uses one of those funky old wannabe IEC power cables.

I was going to convert it to a IEC jack but I would literately had to take the whole thing apart to access the whole back plate. However there is a open spot on the right that at first glance was a fuse holder but my guess it was for the Battery charger input for the optional battery. So I disconnected the old Power Socket and inserted a three prong Power Cable into the small opening on the right that has a gromit. Wired it up and works like a charm.

Down the road I’ll replace the Capacitors in it and when I do I will probably repaint the case a hammer tone black and replace the input jacks.


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