Serial Terminal

A while ago I wanted to get a Serial Terminal for some old school use. I came across a little project made by Geoffg with his ASCII Terminal. I ordered the parts and sent off the Gerber files from his site to get some PCBs made. I built the board and after fighting the PICkIT3 I finally got a working board.

I didn’t have any 27pF caps but I tried some 22pF and works just fine. All I am missing is a PS\2 connector but I can desolder that from a broken motherboard I have on hand. The reason why I built this is so I don’t have to hook up say a Linux embedded board to a PC using a slew of cables and adapters then use a Terminal program like Minicom, Screen or TeraTerm if using Windows.

I’m thinking to cram the board into a spare 4:3 ratio LCD Monitor I got kicking around. Although I got an old CRT Monitor as well but that would make things bulky.

Since I have a few extra PCBs I might make another one or two for a project I have been playing with. Making somewhat of a cluster server using a bunch of PogoPlugs flashed to run Debian Linux.

When I get a chance I’ll toss-up some pictures of it working.


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