Bench Power Supply Rebuild

Last year I bought from CraigsList a Elenco XP720 Bench Power Supply. It has served me well and I attempted to add some modifications to it. However today I decided to do a total rebuild.

The Power Supply was a kit and was already built by some one else when I bought it. The soldering is just right awful and needs new filter Capacitors. Also I’m not a fan of the case design so I am transplanting it into an old Pulse Generator case. Also upgrading the Transformer to something more beefy for more current capabilities. The one that came with it gets a bit warm, I happen to have a Transformer that has the same voltages but doesn’t have the 6.3 volt windings. I can live with out the 6.3v AC taps.

I’m adding some Multi-turn Pots for better procession and some Digital Volt/Amp Meters. to the unit. Not to mention nicer knobs and binding posts and an output ON/OFF switch.

The case Bezel is made from acrylic I pulled from a broken LCD monitor a while back. This way I can use some Decals and paint the backside of the clear acrylic. I also got some hammer tone spray paint I can use on the case to make it look nicer.

Here are some progress photos of fitting things in place. For fun when I put it together on the final build I will do some classic wire lacing.

I might dig around in a box or two for a better Heatsink as well.

I would love to add a AVR to this and control it with my Phone or PC but then I would just be building a whole new Power Supply.


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