Vector Serial Console

Last year or so I started on a project based on the Ultra-Simple Oscilloscope with a 5UP1 Electrostatic CRT and with MSarnoff’s Terminal Scope.

I had built up the little circuit board and built a wire harness but I didn’t have the proper Transformer to power it. I need something that is just shy of 400VAC.

I found a Transformer that came out some tube radio I bought years ago from a flea-market. It outputs 500VCT (260-0-260). Still isn’t the ideal voltage for the CRT itself but the circuit has a voltage limitation and can not exceed 400VAC on each tap.

I also had built up many years ago the Terminal Scope board and at the time I only had a Elenco Analog scope that had terrible Z bandwidth so the picture was blury. Hopefully it will work just fine with the Ultra-Simple scope board.

If this works I’ll build a case for it. I’m thinking something like this.

Probably without the round corners.

I doubt it would be brown but probably black or a Tektronix color scheme. If it all fails I’ll just find a smaller CRT and do a Scope Clock. I think it would be pretty bad ass as a standalone terminal on my main PC for console use.


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