My 3D Printer adventure – not going my way

So last year I bought a Creality Ender 3 and got it up and running within an hour or two. First print went well until my son bumped into it and the little dog figure it was printing ended up with a deformed head.

I tossed on a Pi and with OctoPrint, I was able to interact with the printer remotely and even built a cabinet for it. I even had a 4MP IP CCTV Camera in the cabinet.

After a couple of prints I had major issues with the bed leveling, would work great for a print and when I would go for another print the bed would have to be re-leveled or I would have adhesion issues.

I also found the extruder would make clicking sounds and learned it was skipping steps. I kinda ignored the printer for a while and bought a direct drive extruder kit for it in hopes to fix the skipping issue.

I pulled the printer out of the cabinet and found a new home for it on my desk. It worked flawlessly for a day then started to have adhesion issues again. I bought a 3mm glass build plate and upgraded the bed springs. It took an hour to dial it in and found glue from a gluestick works wonders. However the clicking sound of the extruder is back and my last print showed it.

So now I am planning to buy a dual gear extruder kit. I tried to dial in the stock extruder by changing the E-Steps but it made it worse. I also plan to upgrade the Z-Axis to help with the leveling issue.

I was planning to update the firmware on the mainboard but I think I’ll just buy a SKR Mini E3 2.0 down the road.


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