Setting up the Mining Rig

So the PC Hardware I have isn’t the greatest. It was the PC I built for the youngest son a year and a half ago and kept screwing it up. I tossed in a 128GB SSD and a 2TB spinner. it had 6GB of RAM but I found enough extra sticks to bump it to 13GB. I had also plugged in a 64GB USB3.0 thumb drive and a WiFi card.

The WiFi card won’t work because it does Wireless G and my WiFi Network supports N and AC, so I’ll just use Ethernet. I tweaked the BIOS settings and getting the full performance from the Drives and RAM. I disabled the LPT/Serial, Audio and other misc devices.

I had installed Debian 10 (Buster) on the Thumb Drive and fixed the missing Firmware files. Everything was working great and formatted the SSD and Spinner for EXT4. Called the SSD short and the Spinner Long and used /short and /long as the mount points in the fstab.

Went to install the Chia Blockchain and decided to use the GUI and after spending 30 minutes on it to install everything I get errors when trying to run the npm run electron & commands.

I tried using Docker, it wouldn’t run also. I did some digging around and most people use either Windows or Ubuntu. Like heck I am going to install Windows on this and I really don’t want to run a bloated Linux distro. So for now I will run it with Ubuntu but in the meantime I will spin up a VM and find a way to get Chia running in Debian.


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