Setting up the Pi 4 – Layout/Mark out of case

As you know I am using a old Power Mac G4 case for this build so I can use it as a all in one Electronics Lab.

I got everything I want to cram into the case and now it’s time to lay it out and mark everything for fitment.

The Bread Board will be where the old Mother Board use to be, the Pi will be on a HD caddy. I have a Riden RD6006 power supply module that will be installed into the old 120mm Fan bracket. Since USB is everywhere in here I got a powered seven port USB 3.0 hub that I’ll also put on the motherboard tray. The Logic. I am also reusing the old Power Supply from the Mac to power everything.

The stuff I am stuck on is finding a spot for the Hantek Scope, Logic Analyzer and the pig tails for USB and Ethernet. I was thinking to put the Scope sitting sideways on the bottom and run some coax extension cables to the rear IO plate and see if the Logic Analyzer can clear the height and go between breadboard and case.

Another factor is Video. I have a LVDS board and a LCD from a broken Laptop that works. I am debating to see if I can cram it into the build or just build a slim monitor case and keep it external, maybe add some sort of mount to make it removable from the case. I can get a cheap Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo if need be to free up the USB.

I plan to start going to town with this on the weekend and I’ll take some pictures of the progress.


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