Multiple Things

Garage Spring Cleaning
I don’t know how I do it guys but I accumulate a bunch of junk with in a year. Currently in the middle of the Garage Floor is a pile of junk from old Computer Parts, Broken AV equipment to misc cables. If I had thought about it I could of put some stuff out for the Community Yard Sale. But there is always Facebook Market Place.

DIY Smart Doorbell
The Raspberry NOIR Module isn’t suited for this project. Any of the Modules isn’t, the Pi isn’t fast enough to get a smooth FPS. I am thinking to camera module is pushing too many Mega Pixels for it to keep up. When I had started cleaning the Garage I came across a old Honeywell IP Camera that should do the trick.

Scope Terminal
I tested three Transformers and either too weak or too powerful. So I need to find a Hammond 270X. Or I could disconnect D4 and replace C16 with a jumper to the Negative Voltage Rail Doubler circuit.
Another idea is to use another Transformer to power the main one. I’ll have to pop the transformer back onto the Variac and see how many Volts I need to inject into the Primary to get the desired Secondary Output.

Money for the Garage
To help fund the Projects for The IT Garage I have setup a CashApp account $TheITGarage
The plan is to use the proceeds for Projects and grow this little Blog into something more. Maybe a YouTube Channel or Local Hacker Space.
I might create a Patreon page and add some Goodies.

So feel free to donate. $TheITGarage

I also decided to use my TUSC Witness Server profits to fund the Garage as well.

Youtube Channel
With my current Equipment the Channel can’t happen. I made a video and the footage was shaky and looked like potato vision. I need a decent Camera and better lighting. When I get a decent Camera I can take you guys on the road and show the world of Low Voltage, The Electronics/Computer Projects I work on.


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