Custom ESP8266 Program/Dev Board – Part 2

I got the PCBs in that I have JLCPCB spin up. I did a continuity test to make sure all was well and good news is I made no errors.

Front Side

I modified a D1 Mini to be the Brain of the Programming.

I tried to use gluetac to hold the D1 Mini down to get the ESP Module off and got it a bit too hot.

However I ran into an issue with my design. I was planning to solder the Pogo Pins sideways on the PCB so I can just slide in a ESP Module but I am having issues getting them Soldered on.

Ugly as sin!

I have to use a tip that isn’t too big or I create bridges and if I use a tip that is too small it can’t get enough heat onto the Pogo Pin and Solder Pad. I tried it with two different types of Flux and no Flux.

I might have to jerry rig it some how. Kinda wish I had a Hot Air Solder Station and some Solder Paste.


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