Simple side job turned to more work

A friend’s wife has opened a second location for her company and I was asked to mount a couple of TVs and install CCTV. Well that went very well but AT&T went in and screwed up the TVs. It was so simple but it seemed the installer was lazy. Not to mention the installer stole some equipment.

Crude drawing of the floor plan

TV3’s location was to have a Box and TV1’s Location was to have a Box. To get the video over to TV2 I had installed a HDMI splitter that the Box output plugs into then each output from the splitter goes into TV1 and TV2. I also used a CAT5e to HDMI converter to be used to get the Video Feed over to TV2. Well the installer put a Box at TV1 and TV2, used my CAT5e cable as a pull cord to get the Coax there and took my Splitter and HDMI converter. Also left TV3 completely disconnected. I had left my friend a note and the copy of the floor plan to give the installer so the installer wouldn’t foul up. Got a call yesterday about how things weren’t working so I went there today and did what I could. Monday is their Grand Opening so now I have to overnight a new splitter and went ahead and got a 35ft HDMI cable. In the meantime since it is the weekend I can’t get a hold of anyone at AT&T to find out who the installer was. To top things off it’s Directv and AT&T doesn’t keep tabs on them even though the installer installed the Directv and uverse internet. I have my suspicion who the installer is since I do a lot of work on that side of town and have fixed many of this guy’s mistakes. However I don’t know since I never met the guy but typically the way the work was done is almost just as good as a signature. Then again it could be someone he had trained.


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