Laying out a Work Space

When you’re in the type of Hobbies I am into such as Electronics and Computers your Work Space is always changing. Either a Desk, Workbench or whatever it fills up with projects or new equipment.

Even after you change things around you get that hindsight problem or you end up making things worse.

For my setup I have a AV/Computer Rack, a huge Desk and a shelf. I honestly hate the layout and each time I change things around it gets annoying after a while. For a example I have a huge AV receiver on the Left side of the Desk. I should of put it on the Rack.

The Networking setup for the Garage is also a total mess. I got cables going everywhere, not so much of LAN cabling but power cables since the main wall socket is at the back of the Desk and unreachable.

The shelf is over the main Computer Display and has became a catch on for unused test equipment.

So today since there isn’t hardly anything to do I plan to dismantle the whole Work space and start over. This will be my Labor Day One Day Project.


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