Modular Power Supply changes

Yesterday I started to program an Arduino Uno Rev3 with a Atmel ATMega 328 for a Salve module. I was working on the Volt/Amp meter code and started to think it would be kinda cool to use a little LCD TV for a video console for this. So for giggles I loaded up the TVOut Library and when I was about to call it a night I had a very interesting idea.
Continue to use the TVout library and make this for now a 4 channel power supply. To drive all four displays at once I can use a extra WBox 4 channel CCTV DVR. Remove the beeper and hard drive from the unit and it’s footprint would be a bit bigger then a Arduino Mega. Not to mention I can then use any type of Video Monitor I want since the DVR has HDMI, SVGA and Analog Video.

This way I don’t have to beat myself up on trying to figure out the KVM switching for the display.

Another change I decided to do is instead of using a Current Metering IC I can just double up on the VoltMeter script and use a Current Shunt resistor to measure the current. Now a Current shunt by itself the Arduino wouldn’t be able to read since the measurements would be in Millivolts. However a cheap little ADS1115 ADC has enough resolution to do it.


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