Sometimes you get really cool stuff for free

At work I was given a task to swap out a TV at a home builders model home. The work order said “Doesn’t work”. I get there and the TV was just not setup for WiFi. I connect it and it’s working. I call the boss and tell him and then he said I honestly don’t know and then gives me the number to their project manager.

I call the project manager and he tells me they’re moving away from the digital signage TVs for something cheaper and more simple. They want to just toss in a thumb drive on the TV and play a video on a loop. He then tells me to take the old TV and doesn’t care if I trash it or take it home. I was shocked when I looked up how much they’re going for. Anywhere from $1,500 and up.

Well the TV is a Samsung QM49R. It’s a 49inch TV made for digital signage use. Has a 4K anti-glare mate screen. Can’t really be used for TV use unless you plug in a Roku or Firestick. I honestly will probably use this as my new computer monitor in the Garage. The current big screen I am using is alright, has a glossy screen and if I open the garage roll door the sunlight washes it out.

I plan to give the old TV to my Mother since her TV just died the other day. I thought about giving her the Samsung I got but it’s made for digital signage and doesn’t work like a typical Samsung TV. Not to mention she is old school and has a entertainment center that is 37inches across and the samsung wouldn’t fit but the insignia TV I have here is 35 inches across so it will fit just fine.


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