Tube Amp design

I fell into the rabbit hole on Tube Amps. I always wanted one mostly because every solid state amp I have had is crap.

Schematics are everywhere on the net. Mostly you’ll find are Fender and some budget home audio amp known as the 300B.

The Amp I have in mind uses a 6SN7 pre and a 6V6 output. Can go single-ended for a couple of watts that is suited for a practice amp or go push-pull and get a bit more power. I want to be simple and go single-ended.

A Tube amp can be expensive as heck or cheap as chips. All depends on what you want and how much you’re willing to spend.

The most expensive parts of a Tube amp is the power transformer, output transformer and the tubes. My tube amp calls for two tubes. The 6SN7 and 6V6. I would do a solid state full bridge rectifier for the sheer reason to use a Tube for the power supply.

Parts list
Hammond 269BX power transformer – $68.78
Hammond 125 output transformer – $58.54
6V6 Tube – $ 12.00
6SN7 Tube – $20.00
Hammond 1444-16 aluminum chassis – $19.11
8 Pin Octal Sockets – $2.00 each
Electrolytic filter caps 476TTA500ARZ 47uF – $10.00

Everything else like the resistors, caps, terminal tie strips and such are cheap and easy to find. When all said and done it would be around $250.00 in parts. Mind you this is just the bare amp. Probably looking at another 100 bucks for a case. For myself I would just use a sheet of plywood and some truck bed-liner as the finish.


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