Spent a few days in Miami

I have lived in Florida my whole life. Never been to Miami until a few days ago and it is totally different then central and north east Florida.

For a example as I am writing this back home it is 37*F and in Miami it’s 73*F. The humidity there feels way more sticky then it is in the north east. A couple of things you wouldn’t expect.

It’s so different on the roads as well. If you’re at a red light and as soon as it turns green some one if not everyone hits their horn. People cutting each other off for no reason. Here those would be reasons for road rage for most.

Go into a gas station to buy gas and the clerk gets angry because you don’t know Spanish and the clerk doesn’t know English. Thank goodness written numbers are universal. If I had my phone I could of used google translate.

But it was a great time.

Every year over in Homestead (the county side of Miami) some amish family at Knaus Berry bakes and sales sticky buns and there is a huge line for them. While in line you overhear how great they are and hear some people have waited hours for them. It’s all hype, Cinnabon is better. Granted they were good but I wouldn’t wait in line in the heat for a couple of hours for them. If anything get there early to miss the line.

Another stop was the “Robert is here” fruit-stand. Has a bunch of exotic tropical fruits. That was a fun visit and if the line wasn’t so long I would of tried one of their famous milkshakes.

The best part was going to Boca Chita Key. It’s an island that is also a camp ground. A boat is needed to get there. We went there for a picnic. Words can’t explain it, If you have a boat and like camping I would highly recommend it, however don’t forget the mosquito repellent.

As I am a huge coffee drinker I was in heaven with Colada (Cuban coffee espresso). Our friend showed me how to make it so I bought my own Moka Pot. The Cuban pastries we tried were awesome as well. I would recommend a Guava and Cheese with the coffee. If anything check out CAO Bakery & Cafe on Coral Way.

Downtown has a huge urban art scene. If you like that sort of thing then check it out. Avoid the bars, I bought a Jim & Coke and paid $23.00.

You can see a lot in Miami if you plan it out right.


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