Day zero 3D printer mods – it’s a total pain

So the new 3D Printer looks totally awesome. However there is a major problem.

If you slap on a bunch of upgrades on it before ever powering it up you’re gonna have a bad day.

The printer came with the 4.2.2 32bit board and when putting it together I installed a BLTouch and a Direct Drive Extruder so I can use it for some flexible TPU filament. To get the BLTouch working I updated the firmware from Creality’s website but there is an issue. When I tell the printer to mesh level in Octoprint the BLTouch hangs off the left front side and fails the task. No matter how I go about it I have to reflash a custom Marlin firmware.

The next issue is the Direct Drive Extruder. I need to take it off and go back to stock so I can get some numbers on the Extruder so I can dial in the proper settings for the Direct Drive.

Compiling new firmware on a Linux machine is a total pain. Unlike in Windows with Linux you have a bunch of permissions to change or you’ll get a bunch of can not execute errors in the terminal output. Even running the program with sudo permissions. I had to create a VM and run Windows 10 just to get the firmware compiled.

So if you go this route of building a 3D Printer take heed. You’ll be troubleshooting it for a while until you get things dialed in.


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