Merry Christmas 2022

Wishing all of my readers a happy Merry Christmas.

Today was a good day, everyone got what they wanted.

I got a few cool things like a small quad copter “drone” and a mechanical keyboard. It was more fun to see the Kids happy.

I worked on the Beowulf Cluster yesterday and a bit today. I was going to give MPTCP (Multi-Point TCP) a try but I would have to downgrade the Kernel and jump through a bunch of hoops and hurdles to getting it working so I’m just sticking with a LAG connection. Tomorrow I plan to get the second Node going and finish this build off. I’m still debating to add on my main desktop to it as well.

I was hopping to get some 3D printing done but the garage is a crisp 28*F so that isn’t going to happen.


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