3D Printer breakout board

Since I want all of the electronics of my 3D Printer inside it’s own case and I thought maybe a breakout board would be great so I don’t have to do any home run cabling.

I fired up KiCad and went to work and came up with this.

The PCB was done by my sponsor PCBWay. As usual they did great work. Super glossy finish and plated throughholes. The mounting locations are dead on as well so I can reuse the mount from the 3D Printer.

I made one huge error on this board and didn’t realize it until after the boards came in. I didn’t make a breakout for the BL Touch. I was using the old Creality 3D 1.1.4 board as a reference and that board doesn’t have BL Touch headers.

I wanna thank PCBWay for sponsoring this project and it’s always a pleasure to use them for fabricating circuit boards for my wacky projects. Give them a try, It’s like five bucks for five boards. What could go wrong?


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