Gluster Server Upgrades

After playing around with the little Gluster server I slapped together I decided to get some upgrades for it.

The Dell Vostro 220s is plenty fast for this however I have ran into an issue. The system will not automatically boot from the USB. User interaction has to take place for it to boot from USB. So to fix this I ordered a cheap SATA Raid controller for the RAID10 array and a 128GB SSD for the “OS Drive”. This will also give the system a little more pep in it’s step.

I also had to buy a new CPU cooler for it. The old one is mostly plastic and has turned brittle.

I’m thinking to add some additional functions to it. Have a PXE service for Netbooting so I don’t have to keep track of thumb drives for keeping install media. So if I deploy another system of some sort I can just do a netboot. Also comes in handy for system rescue as well.


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