I’m still here

I haven’t left, I am still here. Been busy with things such as refinancing the house and working.

Matter of fact I have to work in this bad storm (Nicole). Have to install a Alarm system and do a service call. At least it’s not a hurricane anymore.

What free time I have had for the Garage I have been working on my 3D Printer.

The front control panel. Green button is the soft power button and the red buttons are gonna be shortcut buttons for the 3D Printer. I need to do the rotary encoder wheel on the right and fit in the LCD somewhere.

Everything else electronics wise for the 3D printer. ATX Supply for the Pi and a ESP8266 and whatever else I decide to toss in. I have a solid state relay in there so when the ATX supply turns on it will turn on the 24 volt supply. I bought some silicone 22AWG 6pin ribbon cable and 14AWG silicone wire to finish everything else.

I also redid the Livingroom entertainment center. Installed a 24 port POE switch and swapped out audio receivers. It’s still a mess of wires mostly because of the HDMI cables. But the Ethernet, Speakers and power are nicely done.


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