Where did I go?

I have been busy with stuff. Refinancing the house, working and slowly buying parts for some projects.

I was lucky enough to lock in my refinancing before it hit 7%. The plan is to pay off a bunch of stuff including the car then with in a couple of years the mortgage rates should drop back to the 4’s or mid 5’s.

I spent the day redoing the Living room entertainment center. Installed that Luxul network switch and swapped out the audio receivers since I have a 4K TV in the living room since last Christmas.

I’m still working on the 3D Printer. I have been parts like wire and such. The case I selected is very roomy and all of the electronic modifications I want to use can fit with plenty of room to spare.

I have to redo my Home Assistant setup, The Remote MQTT setup I have doesn’t work anymore. Apparently I have to use the Home Assistant MQTT addon so I can’t declare it in the Configuation.yaml file anymore. Also a few things isn’t working right. I am planning to add a second hard drive for additional storage anyway so while I am at it I can just start fresh.

Other then that what free time I have gotten I have been spending it with the family.


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