Making a Coffee Bar

I love Coffee, If I am not drinking water I am drinking coffee. I have tried tons of different ways and types of it and I guess you can say I am a Coffee’olic.

Anyway, with so many people in the house that also drink coffee the Wife and I decided to add a electrical outlet on a wall in the kitchen where we have an old Dresser. Currently the Coffee Maker and supplies were sitting on the Kitchen counter over the Dishwasher. Things were getting cramped and a few times the coffee filters went swimming in the sink due to the kids not paying attention.

When I decided to run a new outlet I was going to tie it into the kitchen circuit but pitch of the roof is too steep to crawl to let alone drill down the top plate of the wall I decided to tap into a typical 15amp circuit feeding the foyer. As a safety feature I used a 15amp GFCI outlet for that outlet. Since this outlet is only for the Coffee maker it is totally fine. Not to mention I only had 14/2 romex on hand and the price of copper is through the roof.

Since the Dresser is there we can dedicate a drawer for all of the coffee maker accessories. Since the Wife is the boss when putting stuff where it goes I gave her that chore to setup the coffee maker there the way she wants it.


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