Linear Voltage Regulator to Buck Converter

In the heyday for voltage regulation we all used a variant of the 78XX series LDO voltage regulator. Each model did regulated different voltages such as the 7805 did 5Volts and the 7812 did 12Volts.

A few years ago there were a bunch of LDP replacements that used Buck Converters but they seem to be all gone.

I have been using the Mini360 adjustable Buck Converter for a few projects and I decided to make a adapter board for the Mini360 to use a TO220 package format.

I used EasyEDA to create the PCB and for fun checked to see how much it would cost for ten boards and they wanted about 23 dollars after shipping. So I went to PCBWay and it looks like I will get them for half the price. I’ve used PCBWay in the past and honestly they are better then the other PCB houses out there.

Now the design of this is a little simple. I couldn’t include the ground tab like a typical TO220 because if I did then it would be too tall. Not to mention the ground tab is mostly used for mounting it to a heatsink but since this is a Buck Converter it’s not needed. However in revision two I would make the whole backside of the PCB a ground plane and add a solder tab.


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