Florida heat is insane

Since the beginning of 2022 I have taken a role on at work as a field manager and been driving a Van filled with pre-wire guys. Drop them off at houses to wire then I go off to do inspections on previous houses and when the pre-wire guys are done I inspect and pick them up.

Last couple of days the whole team and myself have been working on a huge commercial building and the heat here in Florida has gotten insane. Yesterday in the shade hit 102*F, the high was around 105*F in the sun. The UV rating was 11, humidity wasn’t too bad.

I’m going to share a few tips on keeping cool and dry. so lets start with clothes. I have to wear pants in my line of work and I have found out jeans are terrible. They don’t wick up any water and when they get wet from sweat denim gets a bit abrasive. I wear Dickies pants and they work great. I have five pair and they have lasted two years of constant wear. For shirts a nice dri fit T-Shirts are totally awesome. Once you start wearing these you don’t want to switch back to plain old cotton. For us guys powder such as baby powder or even corn starch for the dangling bits and pits, have to remember Florida has a crap ton of humidity. I have recently started to use a cooling towel. Poor some water on it, ring it out and just wrap your neck with it. The towel I got I found at Dollar General and the brand is Mission.

If you’re out in the Sun then a big floppy hat and sun glasses. A lot of roofers I’ve seen wear long sleeve shirts that are dri fit.

Cooler, Ice, Water. However, don’t just drink water but once every couple of hours drink a Bodyarmor. Has way more stuff then PowerAid and Gatoraid. I also recommend to take vitamin C in the morning before work. Take a small break five or ten minute every hour in the shade or if you can in some A/C. Not too cold or you could get sick. If anything get a small battery powered fan and sit in the shade with the fan running.

In the end you’ll still have swap butt but not as bad and you’ll avoid getting sick. If you wake up feeling hung over even though you didn’t drink I would take a salt tablet and drink a pedialyte.

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