Gigabyte GTX 1080 D5X 8G renewal

My Son decided to build a new computer for himself and he gave me his old GPU and Power Supply. I was told it was a NVIDIA 1080 TI but it’s not. Still the GTX 1080 packs a punch todays standards, at least for me since I am currently sporting a Radeon RX 550.

Anyway, my Son didn’t take care of his computer and was filled with a bunch of dust. So much I had to take the card completely apart. I went as far as opening up the fans and oiled them up. Sadly I can’t use the card yet because when I took the heatsink off it tore apart the Silicone Thermal pads so I had to order new ones.

I just hope this card still works. I find it kinda odd my Son gave it to me before even buying a new computer and he lives and breathes on the computer.

When the Thermal pads show up I’ll take before and after pictures.

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