Hardware upgrades for the Dell Optiplex 3010 – Part 4

I left off with Part 3 thinking I was done with this build but nope. I started to have the front panel I/O error when I would power up the machine and I was going to live with it but over time it annoyed me.

To fix this issue with the SFF (Small Form-Factor) motherboard I had to short out a few things. I searched around and a lot of people had some fixes but they didn’t work. I found this one and tried it and it worked.

The one on the right is the board I have

Since I don’t use the Analog audio jacks AKA Front Audio I was fine there but for the Front USB I had to add a dupont connector and bridge it to the ground pin. A solid piece of 22awg worked great for that jumper.

After getting that taken care of my oldest Son came up to me with his Computer in hand and asked if I wanted it. The Computer is about four years old and he tore it up. I only took it because it has a NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti in it so I am going to the NVIDIA side of the force. I hope I don’t have to swap out the Power Supply for the 1000 watt supply because I have plans for future build.

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