Garage Rehab for 2022

Happy New Year. Over the last two years the Garage has become a total mess. It looks like an episode or Hoarders.

This February I am taking a whole week off of work to clean this Garage out once and for all.

The idea is to pull everything out of the Garage and then put it back in with the exception of the trash and stuff I don’t need anymore. I already told the kids last month to make sure anything they want to keep is taken out of the garage or it will be in the trash.

I am also going to install two A/C vents into the Garage. I am going to remove the A/C vent in the laundry room since honestly that room is so small and is the coldest room in the house. I think the A/C uses four inch so I would just pull off the duct from the laundry and toss on a 4″ Y adapter and then run 4″ duct to both new locations in the Garage. I need top hop in the attic and get the final size measurements. The first vent will be near the Desk and the second vent will be near the entry door. I’ll just cap off the vent in the Laundry room so I can easily revert back. I am also going to install some blown-in insulation and some air sealing while I am at it.

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