Scene Controller Update – Face Plate

So after finally getting the 3D Printer squared away I was able to print a new face plate for the Scene Controller. It’s printed with Red PLA filament but I plan to redo the buttons in Clear and Prime/Paint the rest in White.

Dry fit test

As you can see the glue residue and the mess left when I did the standoffs for the print. The sanding will clean that all up.

Making this face plate wasn’t so simple. I had to build a new keypad all together.

It looks ugly but it’s kinda hard to get stuff on proto-board to look good. All of the bare copper is the ground plain and the little colorful loops are the signal wires. I looped them to add strength to the connections so the wire isn’t pulled from the solder joint.

Instead of doing awesome addressable LEDs I just used some 3mm blue LEDs and have the current limit resistors on the other side of the board.

Saturday I plan to finish this up and have it installed.

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