2GIG Edge Review

Monday I was given a work order to upgrade a customer’s system to a 2GIG Edge. In the past I have installed a 2GIG system and I have a 2GIG GoControl laying around so I was the victim to install it.

The hardware was a Takeover module, Remote Keypad, Outdoor sensor, Gun Motion Detector and the main Edge panel. It’s a typical all-in-one touch screen unit. Has a much bigger screen compared to the Qulsys IQ panel and Honeywell Tuxedo.

The Takeover module works just like their older E-Series model and it steals power from the old Panel and you wire up any hardline sensors to it. the Outdoor Sensor programs in like any other sensor and the Gun Motion Sensor you program as a generic motion and set it up as a Day Alarm so it beeps locally and if the system is armed for Stay or Away it will sound off the Alarm.

The remote Keypad is easy to program in, install it, connect it to the WiFi and tell it to pair with the main panel. Tell the main panel to search for it and tell it to pair. Downside is you need WiFi for it to work. I’m not sure if it’s only for the pairing then switches to RF or it only communicates via WiFi. The system is too dang easy to program. It took ten minutes but took forever for central station to register it.

What I don’t like about these new smart panels is the Power Supply is terrible. Uses a wallwart that is on the long side and can only power one device. So if you have a couple of remote keypads you’re going to have issues getting them powered from a central location unless you happen to have a outlet near the panel. Would be nice if they had the main panel’s supply have enough current to power the main panel and a remote panel. Or design them to use a typical AC 16 volt transformer.

The default Installer code is 1561 and the default user code is 1111 in case anyone needs that info.

The Edge Panel has a bunch of features such as FaceID to Arm/Disarm the panel. Can be used as a Home Automation controller. It’s a Alarm.com product and takes snapshots and uploads them to Alarm.com to notify the key-holder/customer who armed or disarmed the system. Those features I didn’t get a chance to play with but looked pretty cool.

The part my trainee kept playing with was the Gun Motion Detector. It’s a Trigger lock that can fit on most firearms and has a tilt sensor and tamper. If the gun is moved it will trigger then does a cool down for 45 seconds and if moved again it will trigger again. Also if the lock is opened it triggers. We decided to not use a voice prompt for that but a chime sound instead. If the system is armed and if the gun is moved or unlocked it will trigger the alarm. Pretty cool for someone that wants extra safety for their firearms.


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