Stuff going on

I got the 3D Printer working perfectly now. I tore down the hot end, cleaned it and replaced the Tip. I printed out a D1 Mini wall mount and compared it to some previous ones I had and there is a huge difference in quality. Since that print came out great I am quickly printing the rest of the parts for the Scene Controller. I don’t want to run into any issues so I am using the filament I already had loaded up. It’s Red but I can just sand it, prime it and paint it white.

Last year I bought some Merkury RGB Bulbs and today I attempted to flash them but these bulbs have the Tuya WB2L modules that are not ESP8266 based and there is no compatible Tasmota version since these modules seem to be ARM based. Sadly I can’t just crack the bulbs open and replace the WB2L with a ESP because you have to basically destroy the bulb to get into it. I took one apart and desoldered the module and I’ll keep it in the parts box for a future project. Who knows maybe some one will find a way to flash the WB2L module.


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