Reolink Cameras on a different brand NVR

Say you bought a few Reolink IP Cameras and a different brand NVR because it was either cheaper or had features the Reolink didn’t have. You wired everything up correctly, programmed the NVR and plugged in the Cameras. The NVR sees them but you get username or password issues.

Well this is how to fix it.

First off you need Cameras that have Onvif. If the Cameras don’t have Onvif then you’ll need a Reolink NVR. Second the Cameras need to connect to the internet for activation but after activation you can have them plugged directly into the NVR.

To power an IP Camera you have two options. You can use a 12Volt Wallwart. Keep in mind it’s DC Voltage and you need at least 1 Amp or higher. The other option is PoE (Power over Ethernet) and you would need either a PoE Switch or a injector.

Download and Install the Reolink App on a Phone or Tablet and it will ask a couple of questions such as where are you in the world but since were just activating we don’t need to create a Reolink account. Add a Camera by scanning the QR Code on the Camera and leave the username as admin and create a password. You should use the same Password as the NVR so it’s easy for you to remember and if the NVR screws up it can add the Camera back in on it’s own. After you activated the Cameras you can now plug them into the back of the NVR and wait a couple of minutes then use the NVR’s tool to scan for them if needed. Most NVRs will automatically find them but some you have to tell it to find them.

On the NVR be sure to use the following options if you run into trouble. These are the setting options Dauha uses.

Manufacturer: ONVIF
RTSPMode: Custom
RTSP Port: 554
HTTP Port: 8000
Username: admin
Password: Password you created with the Reolink App
Total Channels: 1
Remote Channel Number: 1
Decode Strategy: Realtime 

It’s not as simple as just Plug & Play but it works. I did this with my Home Setup but I never plugged them into the NVR. Also yesterday I did it again at work when we installed some customer supplied Cameras but we provided the NVR that we did end up plugging them into the NVR.


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