Good bye direct drive on the 3D Printer

I bought that dual gear extruder kit and some capacorn tubing. It all came in yesterday and after putting most of the extruder together I found out it is too tall for my direct drive mounting plate. Luckily I have a lot of capacorn tubing so I just put the extruder back to the stock location on the Z-Axis. Down the road I’ll fabricate something to make it work for the direct drive.

When I get some free time I can then dial in the E-Steps for it and give it a whirl.

The Aluminum feels a little soft on the extruder and I think that spring is a little too stiff for the job. I might go through my hoard of springs and see if I have anything a little softer. I know for sure the old extruder spring is too weak.

I surely hope this will fix any remaining issues with this printer. The only other modification that would be beneficial would be adding a second Z-Axis lead screw to the right side.


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