Scene Controller Build – Part 1

I found my ESP32 and started to mock up the hardware layout. I had to cut a new piece of prefboard since the ESP32 is wider then a NodeMCU.

The box I printed has a little ledge for the prefboard to sit on and has a perfect gap for the ESP32 to sit behind so the ESP module’s WiFi Antenna isn’t covered up by additional circuity. Also I have the Micro USB accessible from one of the cutouts.

I started on the Keypad portion of the unit. I’m using the old piece of prefboard and I got six buttons on it along with a 10K resistor network so the buttons will work as a Pull Down. I also have some headers on it that I hope I can add to the bottom board so it can just plug into together.

Since I am using Prefboard I am just doing point to point with some wire wrap wire and solder.

I am trying not to solder the ESP32 to any pads on the prefboard so I can easily remove it if I have to.


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