3D Printer is acting weird

So last weekend I got the 3D Printer running and printed some parts. Worked very well and seemed I got all of the kinks out of it.

Last night I tried to print a part for the Scene Controller and it would constantly screw up on the first layer. I re-leveled the bed, extruded 50mm of filament in case there was trap air bubbles or the extruder had crushed the filament and that seemed fine but it would not stick to the mat.

I used the same 50*C setting for the bed and even bumped it to 60*C. I also left the bed heated for 30 minutes and even tried a printing something else to no avail.

So payday I plan to order a glass bed plate and while I am at it I’ll get the upgraded bed leveling kit. In the meantime I want to upgrade the firmware to Marlin 2.0.

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