Control4 Certified

Spent the last four days getting certified for Control4. It was a Virtual Class and was interesting but I still think Home Assistant is better.

In the Control4 Composer software there is a bunch of navigating menus to make a single device work. It’s all point and click really, No code to learn.

I just hope the Sales team at work sales it. Hate to see the owner invest in a bunch of money for us to hardly use our new skills.

If you don’t know what Control4 is it is a Home Automation system that uses IP, Zigbee and Z-Wave. Does anything from Video to Security.

When I was taking the class there was an IP Camera facing a Rack of equipment and after we would do a Lab we would have to bench test it and make sure the lighting worked, TV worked and so on. In one Lab we got to do a custom Automation with an extra Keypad button. I created a Rave Scene that made the lights pulse, whole home audio played EDM and the Touch Screen would display a text notification “Party On Dudes”.

Also while taking the class it got me to think about my home automation and what I could do to improve things.


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