More Phones

That last Phone job was pointless. I showed up and the Comcast Modem’s ATA module is dead. the Little light “Tel 1” wasn’t on and the Phone’s little LCD stated “NO LINE1” “NO LINE2” and “NO LINE3”. I made sure the cabling was fine pointed the finger at Comcast.

Seems I am the Phone guy now and had another service call today for a Phone System, Same company but different location. This time some employee decided to toss a backpack on the equipment rack and caused a janky CAT5e cable to get ripped out of the wall. Simple fix by installing a proper wall biscuit and used a CAT5e Keystone for Ethernet but since they only had one line the Blue Pair that is the standard for Telephones these days works just fine with a RJ11 cable plugged in. Fixed it in ten minutes.

So my advise is if you own a business, keep all of your important stuff such as Data Lines, Phone Lines, CCTV and what not up high in a caged or covered rack with a big sign “DO NOT TOUCH”.


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