Cheap IP Camera revisited.

I bought a few months ago a super small cheap IP Camera from Amazon for my Doorbell project. It’s a Revotech i706-3-p-16ev2.

The first time I tried it the Camera would work for a couple of minutes then flip out and got very hot. So this time I attached a heatsink to the main IC in the camera and used a 2 Amp 12 Volt and it’s now stable.

This Camera sucks a lot of current. Most I have seen from a Camera is 1 Amp.

However it works and I am happy about it. I ran a port scan and Port 23 for Telnet is open. I tried to login and no dice and I can’t seem to find a copy of the firmware to download to see if I can inject a user and password into it, oh well.

Good news is I can resume the Doorbell project.


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