Takeover a Alert360 DVR

A friend bought a House and it had a Alert360 CCTV System. He called me to see if I could break into it and change the info so he can use it. The previous Home Owner wouldn’t return his Phone Calls about it.

Just looking at the DVR I was able to see it was a Hikvision with a Alert360 Sticker on it. I hooked up a Monitor and Mouse and was greeted with a Lock Draw Pattern and I tried a few random ones and nothing. I pulled out the Laptop and used the SADP Tool and exported the file Hikvision requires to give you a Key to unlock it and I got a Email back saying “Nope, contact your Vendor”.

I kept trying the Unlock Pattern. Keep in mind you have to Power Cycle the DVR after four tries. It gives you Six tries before it totally locks you out. I finally found the Pattern.

0   0---0
|   |   |
0   0   0
|       |

Start from the Top Left and down three. Right two, up two, left one then down one.

After entry I was able to Factory Default it. I programmed it and now the fun part. Adopting it to Hik-Connect. Alert360 has a App called Alert360 Video but it is a much older version of Hik-Connect and doesn’t have the bells and whistles such as the Doorbell and such. I had to go under Platform Access and change the Cloud URL to custom and put in dev.us.hik-connect.com and Power Cycled it. When it came back up it said it was online. Scanned the QR Code and it was on the Phone. I tried to use the default Cloud URL but it said the DVR was linked already.

In all it’s not a bad System for a OEM Hikvision. It’s Analog but is able to be used with IP as well. Hikvision calls this a Tribird.

So If you have a Alert360 CCTV System you can give that Unlock Pattern a try and switch it over to Hik-Connect and have full control over the System and also add more equipment such as IP Cameras, Doorbell and whatever.

Sadly my friend also has a 2GIG Alarm Panel and I can’t get into it. He is going to get a Honeywell Lyric. 2GIG Sensors work on Honeywell Lyric so he can save some money there.


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