Max2Play for Whole Home Audio

In my quest to find the proper HiFi System for the Raspberry Pi I was starting to loose hope and came across Max2Play.

It’s super easy to setup and uses a Logitech Emulated SqueezeBox. I didn’t have a Pi3+ laying around but a Pi2 and the HiFiBerry works fine on it. So if it works with my setup it should work fine on the Pis I deployed last week.

I got SoundCloud, YouTube, Tune-In and Spotify working on it. Sadly Pandora doesn’t work but it seems it’s more of Pandora’s fault. It seems a lot of the DIY HiFi Systems are having issues with Pandora and attend to fallback on Spotify more. The App I chose to use to control the System is called Squeezer.

For SqueezeBox you don’t have to buy a licence for Max2Play.

Another nifty thing for this is it works in Home Assistant as well.


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