Stuff making me a bit angry

The lights went out and now the Server is acting up. The VM to Home Assistant is down and the main Proxmox VM Manager won’t come up also. Odd thing is the VM for pfSense is still working.

Going to replace the server, it has failed me too many times in a short period. Going to do a PC Engines System for pfSense and either use the PC in the Bedroom as the Home Assistant Server or buy a Pi 4.
Home Assistant decided to make a limited edition Hub that uses a Odroid-N2+ but it’s over priced.

My Main PC keeps rebooting on it’s own. When it comes back on I get crap about
“EDAC amd64: Error: F1 not found: device 0x1601 (broken BIOS?)”. As if the system has declared to the Kernel it’s ECC RAM but it’s not. A lot of idiots are saying to ignore it but the smart ones are saying to upgrade the BIOS/Firmware and see if a ECC RAM option appears in the BIOS. Problem with that is if I update it to the latest BIOS I’ll have to upgrade the CPU because for some reason Gigabyte dropped the A12 APU on a later update F30 to “make room” for the microcode for the newer Ryzen CPUs. So I am stuck with version F24, the latest BIOS is F50d. The only option I can think of besides upgrading the CPU and BIOS is to build a custom Kernel and disable all of the ECC crap.


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