Honeywell Vista Home Assistant Integration – Complete

After modifying the Code and my sillyself forgetting to disable the lrrSupervisor option since my Panel has a GSM I had made a lot of progress with one issue that was still lurking. The Message Log kept saying 0: Unknown Zone 0 There is no Zone Zero. I went to GitHub and submitted a issue and within an hour Dilbert66 came to the rescue. He modified the vista.h file and it cleared the error.

I was now confident enough to trust it so I added the Keypad Card to control the System.

I added this in the Configuration.yaml file, be sure to change the code on the last line. Keep in mind if you ever change your four digit code you need to change it in the configuration.yaml file or you might end up getting locked out of the Alarm System.

   - platform: template
         name: "Alarm Panel"
         value_template: "{{states('sensor.vistaalarm_system_status')}}"
         code_arm_required: false
           - service: esphome.vistaalarm_alarm_arm_away
           - service: esphome.vistaalarm_alarm_arm_home
           - service: esphome.vistaalarm_alarm_disarm
               code: '1234'

After that has been added to the Configuration.yaml file you need to restart Home Assistant then create a new Alarm Panel card and it should already populate with the info. If not then select alarm_control_panel.safe_alarm_panel as the entity.

Here is the raw yaml code for the Alarm Panel Card.

type: alarm-panel
  - arm_home
  - arm_away
entity: alarm_control_panel.safe_alarm_panel 

Pretty darn simple when it’s all said and done. If you want to make your own Adapter board that uses a D1 Mini then feel free to use my PCB Gerber Files.


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