Updating the Automation in the Garage

I recently got a AHRise AHR-083 “smart” power strip. I tried to make it use Tasmota but I was dumb enough to update Tuya-Convert so that’s a no go and nope of my Computers don’t want to run Tasmotizer. So for the time being I am running stock. I have it controlling the TV Power, Meter, Power Supply and Soldering Iron. Since I don’t use my Scopes that often I decided to leave them out.

I’m thinking to slap a Raspberry Pi together and use it for just flashing Devices.

I got the Receiver integrated in Home Assistant and for some reason I can’t get the Wake On Lan function to work with the PC so I’ll just probably slap on a ESP8266 and switch a Transistor to short out the Power Switch.

I still need to finish the 3D Printer and install the WAP in the Garage.


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