Access Control for Master Bedroom

The Wife and I like to keep our Bedroom Door Locked when we leave the house so the older Kids can’t use our bathroom and mess with stuff. The Other day I was halfway to work and the Wife called me back to let her into the Bedroom because she locked her Keys in there.

So I ordered a 12 Volt Door Strike that should work just fine in the Door Jam. I plan to Control a Relay with a ESP Module and I would love to use a NFC or RFID Tag but the esprfid project doesn’t work very well so I have to find another way.

I plan to use Tasmota on a ESP and have Restriction Card in Home Assistant to control the lock but with a 4 digit code so only the Wife and I can access it.

Here is the code for the LoveLace card in Home Assistant.

type: 'custom:restriction-card'
    code: 1234
      - user: dad
      - user: mom
  - user: tablet
  type: button
  entity: switch.door_master_door_master

This way only the Wife and I can unlock it with our Phones and can’t be accessed with the Wall Tablet.

I was planning to use the Alarm Panel as a Failsafe in-case if the Wife and I lost/locked or phones but I can only program the function keys for macros. However just using the PC in the Living Room or Garage will work just fine let alone the Key to the door knob is plenty.


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